Nr.1 in the Market

Welcome to TK-Industries, where you will find the broadest range of multiaxial carbon fiber fabrics for industrial applications available in the market.

we only service industrial applications, many of which require more value for a given performance. This is our focus at TK-Industries.

  Quality for economical Prices

We are a company experienced in the art of converting commercial grade carbon fibers into high quality non-crimped fabrics.

The qualities of our fabrics resemble those commonly specified for the aerospace industry, but at significantly more economical prices.

  Professional's Know-How

Specialized know-how in handling and spreading of carbon fibers.

Seasoned professionals who understand the requirements for carbon fiber in industrial applications.

We focus on the traditionally "hard to process" fibers which are lower cost and more available in times of supply tightness.

  Specialized in converting Carbon

At TK-Industries, we focus only on the processing of carbon fibers.

We also specialize in converting commercial grades of PAN-based carbon at low areal weights.

  Long years international Experience

We have a very long international Experience and work in Converting Carbon for 20 years.